Top 10 tools for WordPress AntiSpam

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Internet, Tools, Wordpress
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WordPress is almost undoubtedly the most popular blogging software that you can install on your own website. With that position at the top – there is the possibility of exploitation of a lot of vulnerabilities; especially with being an open source application. If you happen to run a website with a wordpress blog installed. There are different ways of preventing your WordPress blog from becoming the target of spam and abuse. Which method you use will depend on a number of factors.

Well some of few tools that you can use to fight agains WordPress Spam.

  1. Akismet – a very popular plugin which comes by default with wordpress. To use it, you need to signup for a wordpress acount and get an API key for your website.
  2. Defensio – A wordpress plugin that helps you filter your comments and also provides rss feed for both accepted and ‘spammed’ comments.
  3. Simple CAPTCHA – Adds turing text to your comment area to eliminate automated comments
  4. Challenge – Adds a challenge to your comments area, the regular stuff being additions and multiplications
  5. Referrer Bouncer – You don’t need to do anything to use it. Just activate it.
  6. Email Immunizer – Simply converts all your emails on your website to numeric references to prevent email colecting
  7. WPBayes – Implements the spam filtering with the Naive Bayesian technique, which means it marks the comments as spam or not based on your previous decisions. To be honest, I didn’t use this one
  8. Spam Karma 2 – This one assigns a karma score based on multiple factors like the age of the post, the email, if there’s a link inside, etc, etc.
  9. WP Spam Hitman – It fights agains wordpress spam using a series of patterns. That’s all I know about it, please test it and let me know if it’s a good one.
  10. Did you pass Math – Does the same thing as the one at point.

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